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Thanks for visiting my website where I will keep you updated on my service to you while on the Pierce County Superior Court Bench.

I am a former Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Judge, a former Pro Tem Judge in Pierce County District Court and the City of Tacoma Municipal Court. I am also a former prosecutor, public defender, and private defense trial counsel. My continued journey in government service has been described by members of the judiciary, the legal community and Pierce County Citizens as:

"We have known G Helen Whitener for twelve years as a defense attorney and a Superior Court judge. Whether it is a civil or criminal proceeding she always does her research and knows the law. She has proven to be very passionate about our legal system. She never waivers from looking at all sides and being fair.  Everybody that walks in her courtroom will always be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The citizens of Pierce County and the state of Washington cannot be without Judge G. Helen Whitener." 

                                                   R. and J. Oeltjen, Pierce County Correctional Deputies

"Exceptionally well qualified. She brings dignity and grace to the bench, together with a keen understanding of civil procedure and the substantive law. Judge Whitener is an asset to Pierce County.  ... knowing that if they are before her in any circumstance they will have the opportunity to be heard."

                                                                                                           E. Powell, Attorney

 “Has an excellent understanding of the human condition...; abundance of common sense to go with her knowledge of the law and how folks find themselves in trouble.

                                                                              The Honorable David Kenworthy (Ret)

“We need to keep judges who've demonstrated responsible adjudication, who value our constitution, and who aren't influenced by political undercurrents, but rather exercise judicial prudence in the spirit of the laws. She exercises compassion and integrity, faithfully executing the duties of the office."   

                                        Jerry Hallman, Lieutenant Colonel, Joint Base Lewis McChord

“I believe that Judge Whitener’s commitment to justice and equality for all people is the right kind of leadership we need in the judicial system in our community.” 

                                                                                                            Father David Strong

"Judge Helen Whitener is one of the most principled, wise, and compassionate people I know. Her perspective as a woman, an immigrant, and a person of color are vastly underrepresented in the judicial system, and are vital to it's proper functioning."

                                                                           John Retherford, Pierce County Resident

 " Whitener Knows! She has done it all, her background is more varied, she brings more experience, and has a heart and understanding of justice! Pierce County is lucky to have someone with her qualifications willing to serve!" 

                                                                                                            D. Gehrke, Attorney

 “Super qualified and brings an added perspective to the bench...; has the ability to control the courtroom...; a very patient and caring Judge who takes the time necessary to address each case that comes before her;  she has a special way of relating to the community- be it victims, defendants or family members- all who may come before her; She has a unique ability to connect to the community and to make them feel heard in her courtroom; She has demonstrated that she has a brilliant legal mind as well as a respectable judicial temperament and presence; balanced, fair, and gets along with people...; no weaknesses, highest integrity, honest and trustworthy...; great demeanor, respectful...; smart, fair, evenhanded...; doesn't tolerate attorney garbage...; doesn't waste time, gets to the point...; great judicial temperament, keeps her cool, great to work with...." 

                                                 Description of Judge Whitener given to Governor Inslee