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Human Rights visit courtesy of the US Embassy

Judge Whitener was hosted by the US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago to speak to public officials, various organizations and community groups on Human Rights and Overcoming Intolerance
Judge Whitener meets with US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Margaret B. Diop. Judge Whitener meets with Board members of the Equal Opportunity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago
Judge Whitener meets with Board Members of Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago Judge Whitener meets with the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Roundtable discussion with LGBT Community Groups Judge Whitener with her wife, attorney Lynn D. Rainey, CSM (Ret.) and Stephen Weeks, US Embassy, Public Affairs Officer
Press Release for Judge Whitener's speech at the University of the West Indies Judge Whitener with her mother, Joyce Pierre who spoke of her personal journey from intolerance to acceptance and respect
Judge Whitener meets with members of the Judicial Education Institute/Judiciary. Judge Whitener speaking on I95.5FM Radio Morning Show
Judge Whitener speaking on CNC3 TV Show, Judge Whitener speaking on CNMG TV Show
Dinner with 21 leaders in the Human Rights community Meeting with the Women's Caucus of Trinidad and Tobago
Meeting with Association of Female Executives, Trinidad and Tobago